ARTIST R贸is铆n Bohan

R贸is铆n Bohan is an artist living and working in Dublin. Her 2D drawing and painting works are often vibrant, colourful, expressive and produced from short bursts of energy. This style emerged from an introduction to art therapy in 2018, and for R贸is铆n, this method of working is very therapeutic and meditative. Alongside R贸is铆n’s 2D art practice, she has a range of other interests, including Tarot, Curating and Education.

R贸is铆n Bohan is an artist living and working in Dublin. Her 2D drawing and painting work is often vibrant, colourful, and playful, and produced from short bursts of energy. The style you will see on NUA Collective emerged from R贸is铆n鈥檚 introduction to Art Therapy in 2018, where she rediscovered drawing and painting.

R贸is铆n was born in Reading, England, and grew up in Cork. An only child, she spent some time living with her Grandparents. Her connection with creativity is very much rooted in this time, inspired by her artistic and crafty Grandmother, Joan, who enjoyed painting, crochet, and writing, among many other interests, and who loved to take up new hobbies.

R贸is铆n attended Crawford College of Art and Design, where she received her BA in Fine Art in 2014. Since moving to Dublin, she has continued her education, completing a Masters in Cultural Policy and Arts Management at UCD in 2017, and returning to Crawford in 2019 to complete a diploma in Art Therapy.
R贸is铆n also has many other interests and practices, including other types of sculptural, video and installation work, a curatorial practice, and a recent hobby-turned business: Tarot reading. For R贸is铆n, all of these are interwoven and inform one another.

My 2D work is a combination of drawing and painting – I鈥檓 not quite sure what category it falls into. I like to work on the floor, this is where I feel most comfortable. It brings me back to the childlike state of play. Here, I can work on the paper from all different angles, with no set outcome for the orientation. On the floor I surround myself with different materials – pastel, pencils, markers, paint – and grab whatever I feel like in the moment.

‘Squiggle Set’ (detail 2), Ro虂isi虂n Bohan,聽 Gouache on Paper, 2020

I work quickly and intuitively. I try to bypass my thoughts, such as

鈥淒oes this look good?鈥,
鈥淲hat will I do next?鈥,
鈥淲hy am I doing this?鈥.

‘Fluctuating Feelings 4’, Ro虂isi虂n Bohan, Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil on Paper, 2019

I think and feel through the colours. Colour combinations will form instinctively as I start to work. I think the colours probably emerge in a way that conveys the mood I am in when I sit down to create. I like to surprise myself, and therefore I never have a plan. This is the recipe to produce the work I am happiest with. After creating something, I usually put it away and come back to it weeks or months later. When I look at it then, abstract shapes will have become representational – a face, a tree, a piece of fruit, a clearing – usually nature related.

ARTWORKS BY R贸is铆n Bohan

ARTIST’S Accolades


  • 2019 鈥 2020聽 聽 Diploma, Principles of Art Therapy, Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork
  • 2016 鈥 2017聽 聽 聽MA Cultural Policy and Arts Management, University College Dublin
  • 2010 鈥 2014聽 聽 聽BA Honours Degree in Fine Art, Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork


  • It鈥檚 Fierce Mild, Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
  • 2015聽 聽 Central, The Mart, Rathmines, Dublin
  • 2015聽 聽 It鈥檚 Fierce Mild, Space Space Gallery, Komae, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015聽 聽 One After Another, Monster Truck Studios, Dublin
  • 2015聽 聽 Girls rooms, Space Space Gallery, Komaeo, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015聽 聽 WET, Hive Gallery, Waterford
  • 2015聽 聽 LEVEL, The Mart, Rathmines Dublin
  • 2014聽 聽 RDS Student Art Awards Exhibition, RDS, Dublin and Bourn Vincent Gallery, University of Limerick
  • 2014聽 聽 The Young Ones, Rua Red, Dublin and The Workshop, Sample Studios, Sullivan鈥檚 Quay, Cork
  • 2014聽 聽 Bubble Wrap (Recent Graduate Exhibition), Sarah Walker Gallery, The Pier, Castletownbere, Co.Cork
  • 2014聽 聽 Na hOibreacha (The Works), Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork
  • 2014聽 聽 A Performance Caravan, Sample Studios, Sullivans Quay, Cork


  • 2014, Monster Truck 1 Year Studio Award is assoc. with the RDS Student Art Awards
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