Bad Day

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I choose to look at the Fantastical Reality in terms of my day to day experience as an Autistic person with Sensory Processing difficulties. The diptych of “Good Day”, “Bad Day” represents differing, contrasting experiences from sensory stimuli. “Good Day” is a depiction of what I feel is a good sensory experience, wandering around in nature, enjoying the views, the quiet and the colours that sing blissfully together in the natural world. “Bad Day” is a depiction of the complete opposite, it is an overwhelming experience, crowded busy places, it appears drab and sickly with buildings looming over you and the noise of the city bustle reaching a processing breaking point. 


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Luke Hickey




Oil Paint on Paper (Fabriano, primed)


Total Area: 27.5cm x 21.5cm
Painted Area: 23.5cm x 19.5cm