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“An Irishman’s heart is nothing but his imagination”
– George Bernard Shaw


Paul McMahon

My interest in Art began as a student of Limerick Art College. A lifelong interest in art culminated in an outpouring of creativity when I finally picked up my own brushes and began to paint again a few years ago.

My inspiration comes from living in the Arizona desert, the UK and returning to my roots in Ireland, enjoying the raw beauty of living on the West coast in County Clare. When I sit down to paint it simply comes straight out of my mind down my arm and onto the brush.

Streets of Gold - Paul McMahon - Nua Collective 2022

Artist Statement


“Thought provoking, striking and impactful with a fearless approach to the subject matter and bold use of colour.”

Paul McMahon is a very expressive, surrealist artist. Using striking colours and largely abstract techniques, alongside some recognisable elements, McMahon’s work makes for a wild but beautiful, contemporary journey.”

“Taking his inspiration from everyday moments, beautiful things, his surroundings and of course being influenced by many of the great master artists of the past – Paul McMahon is a very interesting, Irish contemporary artist.”



Limerick School of Art & Design


  • Kilbaha Gallery, Loophead, Co Clare
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