Caoimhe Heaney

Even from a small child Caoimhe was fascinated with fantasy and the magic in the world. And this can still be seen in her work today. She has been working with art and on her art since her graduation from Crawford College of art and design in 2014. She has worked in many fields alongside always working on her art. And she takes elements from her experiences to influence her work. Caoimhe mainly works in the photomontage/ collage medium combining her own photos and found materials into surreal worlds.

Artist Statement

Above: The Making of The Parrot’s Throne by Caoimhe Heaney

Caoimhe’s work aims to export the viewer into a new and curious reality. To awaken the child-like mind and their own curiosity. The juxtaposition of the normal in abnormal scenarios aims to activate the unconscious mind and widen the mind to new possibilities. The pieces are bright and fun to draw the viewer into the new reality.

Caoimhe aims to bring the viewer back to their own childhood and awaken the wonderment that we all had inside us and to remind us anything is possible with imagination. She plays with colours to trigger memory and awaken the eye.

There is a narrative feel to all of her work, she creates stories to go along with each piece, with endless possibilities. Many of the same elements can be also seen in each piece creating a dialogue throughout the work, like a story to unfold.

 Her newest exportations are in hand cut refill collages, where she uses her own photographs, cuts them out and lays them so they are of different heights, making a little world in each frame.

The Parrot's Throne - Caoimhe Heaney - Nua Collective - 2022
Above: ‘The Parrot’s Throne

Hand cut relief paper collage
Framed in white wood box frame, 2022



  • Hons B.A  of Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design


  • 2021: ‘Fantastical Reality’, Nua Collective
  • 2021: ‘Emerge’, Dingle, Co. Kerry (Duo exhibition with Elouise Flannery)
  • 2021: ‘Equinox’, Nua Collective
  • 2014: ‘Na hOibreacha’, Crawford College of Art & Design
  • 2013: ‘Are we there yet?’, Half Moon Street, Cork


  • 2021: November issue of The World of Interiors
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