Big Days

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Using symbolism of the hare, as an animal linked to rebirth and intuition, and the easter bunny image prevalent during the most globalised religious holiday of this season. Associated with fertility due to their high reproduction rates, there are multiple historical sources on why this mammal is said to bring eggs; which themselves are an ancient symbol of fertility, rebirth, and new life.

Capitalism exploits all these notions to a highly saturated magnitude – thus the paintings vibrant colours and appealing imagery are a facade for the stark realities of the dairy industry, cocoa production, and our unyielding consumption of chocolate wrapped in a multitude of not so fantastic plastic.


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Katrīna Tračuma




Acrylic paint, dry pigments, and Diamond Dust from Culture Hustle, PVA glue, alcohol markers, and slinky on canvas; various colourful plastic trash, cardboard egg cartons, kaleidoscope, chocolate coins


26cm x 20cm