Halcyon days

By Katrina Tracuma – View Artist’s Profile ➤

This en plein air piece was painted during one sunny autumn afternoon at the Lielupe floodplain meadows in Jelgava, Latvia. As per the title – Halcyon days are characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity; golden—often used to describe an idyllic time in the past that is remembered as better than today. 

However at the very time of making this painting I experienced such an invasive state of flow and delight, that I felt a compulsion to capture it in the title. To retain this memory for future reference. Happiness in the moment. While painting in the open plains of a nature reserve, surrounded by over 80 wild horses. Blissful.


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Katrīna Tračuma




Oil paint on stretched canvas.


24.5cm x 30cm