Quidditas of Arbor VI

By Carol Healy – View Artist’s Profile

The word ‘Quidditas’ means ‘essence’ , is – ness, being-ness; In 2017 , I responded to the loss of 27 trees near my home in Cork city, after storm Ophelia hit Ireland.  I worked closely with the remnants of those trees, making rubbings from the remaining stumps  by the road side, in an act to preserve the history they symbolized. Later, I created delicate drawings with water colour on paper that reflect my memory and physical etchings of the lost trees.  The drawings express my connection to a sense of slowness, space and time.  The ‘Quidditas of Arbor ‘ is on going series.  This is VI in the series.


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Carol Healy




Watercolour on Arches Paper


56cm x 76cm