The Distraction in Blue

By Caoimhe Heaney – View Artist’s Profile

She is the embodiment of the distractions we all have in life. This piece was created in response to going back to the normal. There was less time to create, all the distractions were back and less time to create new artwork.


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She is unable to see as she has a scarf over her eyes. Even though beautiful it is easy to get distracted and not see what is important in life. Life takes over and sometimes it is hard to see what you need. To create is something very important to me, and when I went back to work after the lockdown , I no longer had all the free time to make, so this was my way to explore this feeling.



Caoimhe Heaney




Photomontage/Digital Collage hand finished with paint and paper collage.
Printed on archival Matt paper of 240gsm and embossed with the artists stamp.

Each print should be only touched when necessary, oils from hands can mark the print. We would recommend to hold print with cotton gloves.


30cm x 40cm