The Flower Nymph – NO. 12

By Caoimhe Heaney – View Artist’s Profile

She is the goddess of nature, she symbolises being at one with nature. The embodies the serenity that flowers and the outdoors brings to us. She is the spring that brings the colour black into the world. I was inspired by Greek mythology and how nymphs have been personified throughout art, she is a new imagination of the old. I wanted to make something beautiful and serene while we are going through chaos. 


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Caoimhe Heaney




Photomontage/Digital Collage hand finished with sliver gilding.
Printed on archival Matt paper of 240gsm and embossed with the artists stamp.

Each print should be only touched when necessary, oils from hands can mark the print. We would recommend to hold print with cotton gloves.

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