Happy 1st Birthday Nua Collective

One year ago today, Nua Collective created something from nothing in light of requirement and necessity. From nothing, we now have 50 practicing professional artists, 478 artworks, a series of podcasts and articles and hosted 3 virtual exhibitions including THE NUA PREMIERE EXHIBITION, EQUINOX and FANTASTICAL REALITY. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our artists and the 41,000+ […]
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Fantastical Reality Now Online

Fantastical Reality is now online and ready for you to discover. Check out our FANTASTICAL REALITY feature page now live – CLICK HERE. This five week collaborative project features artworks specifically and exclusively created by Nua Collective artists. Through encouraging presentations we developed our works in response to the chosen concept FANTASTICAL REALITY. Watch our preview presentation here:
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Equinox Logo
The Spring Equinox is a time of transition where we ascend from darkness into light. We embrace positivity, optimism and regeneration. With the many difficult challenges we have all faced over this past year, we look forward towards the brighter days of spring time.
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