Blackout by Nua Collective

Over the last number of months 13 Nua Collective artists have collaborated together to create our first physical exhibition ‘Blackout’.

Featuring 13 artworks, this exhibition presents a unique series of lino prints that, in their creation and processing, have travelled the globe. Together, we make an enquiry about our climate catastrophe and the energy crisis that we face once again.

The climate-related events of this past summer have brought a stark realisation to us as artists and viewers, forcing us to confront the harsh realities of humankind’s impact on the planet. This series of work serves as a poignant reminder of the blackout we experience regarding the urgent need to address the problems that contribute to a steadily warming planet and the dire consequences that result.

Over the next number of weeks we will be releasing lots of teaser information about our exciting exhibition with a very special announcement about the first venue we are touring to!

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