Nua Collective continued their tour of the Blackout collection, debuting their exhibition in Ireland on February 8th at Wexford Arts Centre. The event was inaugurated by Cllr. Barbara Anne Murphy, with support from Wexford Arts Centre’s Artistic Director, Elizabeth Whyte, and Visual Arts Manager, Lisa Byrne. We were delighted to receive overwhelming support from the community at our official opening.

“This exhibition faces one of the biggest challenges of our time, and that’s climate change…It’s an exhibition that prompts us to wake up, sit up, stand up, and make a difference in whatever way we can for the planet and for humankind…The Blackout exhibition will bring the message and the pending climate disaster to a wider audience, and hopefully together Nua Collective’s message will be heard,  understood, and acted upon by go all those who are fortunate enough to see it as it makes its way around the world.”

Cllr. Barbara Anne Murphy

A special thank you to Nua Collective member Anne Martin Walsh who created the link between Wexford Arts Centre and Nua Collective, creating this opportunity to share Blackout.

Blackout at Wexford Arts Centre remains open until March 2nd 2024.

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