As we bid farewell to 2023, Nua Collective is delighted to share an extraordinary year of accomplishments and growth. Our vibrant community of artists has contributed to the collective’s success, making it a year to remember.

✨ Artist Community: We are proud to continue to support our 20 incredibly talented artists whose unique visions and creative expressions have enriched Nua Collective. Explore our artists here.

🖼️ Artistic Legacy: A staggering 653 artworks have found a home within our collective, spanning various mediums and styles. Each piece tells a story, contributing to the diverse tapestry of contemporary visual art. Discover here.

🌟 Exhibitions Beyond Borders: Nua Collective has successfully curated and presented a range of exhibitions, both physical and virtual. Our debut physical and international exhibition, “Blackout,” captivated audiences in Latvia and we are excited to continue this tour well into 2024. Our virtual exhibits – “Portal,” “Bealtaine” (in collaboration with Carrickahowley Gallery), and “The Origin Collection” – transcended geographical boundaries through our online platform and publications, reaching art enthusiasts worldwide.

There are lots of fantastic relationships being built between Irish and Latvian people and they’re what we should celebrate because Irish people, we understand what it’s like to leave our country and to go and make our way in the world and I think Latvians understand that too. And seeing an exhibition like this come together because of both of you and all the other artists that you’ve brought together in the collective is an absolute perfect symbol of that relationship, of bringing people together, of creating something new, of looking at the challenges in the world and making something from it and making something positive to make us think.

Eimear Friel, Ambassador of Ireland to Latvia

🎧 The Nua Podcast: Our Spotify presence has attracted a growing audience, with 440 new listeners immersing themselves in our discussions about contemporary art practice. Listen here.

🌐 Digital Impressions: Nua Collective’s organic impact on the digital landscape has been profound, with 174,000 impressions on Google and an impressive 600,000 impressions on Instagram. These numbers underscore our commitment to reaching a global audience and promoting the appreciation of contemporary visual art.

💻 Online Engagement: Our website has become a hub for artistic exploration, welcoming 15,000 unique visitors throughout the year. It serves as a testament to the interest and curiosity our collective has sparked in the online community and beyond.

As we express our gratitude to the artists, supporters, and enthusiasts who have made 2023 an exceptional year for Nua Collective, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth of our community in the coming year. Here’s to a future filled with creativity, collaboration, and the boundless exploration of visual art! 🎨🚀

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