Art is expensive? – so is a new iPhone. Here’s why you should start your art collection?

1. In buying original artwork you are playing an integral role in the continuation of the arts industry. There is so much technology can do – creating art is not one of them. Buying artwork from artists means that more artwork can be created.

2. When you purchase a piece of art you are supporting living artists, allowing them to continue making art. Living artists are the voice, the archivers, the imaginaries of our world as we live it. Their voice makes a cultural and societal difference. Support living artists.

3. When you buy art you are making a timeless investment. Unlike your latest device, the value of art does not diminish. In fact, when you buy from an artist, you are adding to their growing reputation. As an artist gains more exposure, the value of their work increases – therefore supporting their practice is a positive for you and the artist!

All of these things and you get to have something wonderful for you and your home.

Nua Collective has more than 380 artworks from our 50 professional, practicing artists.

– Postage to Ireland is considered in all prices 🇮🇪
– Buy now to get your piece before Christmas.

When you buy art, you’re making a difference.
Make a difference.

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