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Swim is part of a series of drawings where the artist has mapped out places she visits in her free time, places that heal. Swim is drawn from real life landscape where she swims regularly, the space between the two points marks both physical and psychological journeys through inner and outer worlds. Using colour and repetition to describe her experiences in this body of water, she is celebrating the healing that takes place in nature and playfulness, resting and non-productivity, valuing free time and slowing down. In her drawings/maps she re looks at Ireland’s historical connections to cartography in 1845 where, along with Great Britain, a geological survey took place with economic benefits being the reason, coal and copper being the two main resources that would bring wealth. Today, Healy is reversing the hierarchy of economic value and productivity to that of healing and rest for both our selves and our planet in her drawings/maps as she records her own personal cartography of free time in nature.

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Carol Healy

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