The Flamingo’s Garden

By Caoimhe Heaney – View Artist’s Profile ➤

A castle sits behind a hill of flowers and mushrooms. A monkey sits on the castle walls, The flamingos walk through the field of flowers, a wallaby sits in the field looking out. Butterflies eat from the various flowers in the front.

The work aims to export the viewer into a new and curious reality. To awaken the child-like mind and their own curiosity. The juxtaposition of the normal in abnormal scenarios aims to activate the unconscious mind and widen the mind to new possibilities. The pieces are bright and fun to draw the viewer into the new reality.


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Caoimhe Heaney




Hand cut relief paper collage
Framed in white wood box frame


33.3cm x 33.3cm (including frame)
30.5 x30.5cm artwork/inside