Through Duality, Behold the Absolute

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Through a long held interest in occultism, mysticism and shamanism, I have gained an understanding of the world and our place in the universe that differs from the often restricted Western, traditional mindset. Whether these traditions I have studied be generally considered nefarious, taboo or just othered by society. I find value in them.

They often speak of Duality, and an Absolute. The Absolute could be a “Heaven”, or the understanding of a Universal Truth, or it could be a transcendental Astral Plane. But, largely to achieve this outcome, the acceptance of Duality in all things is a necessity. Spring cannot come without a Winter, crops cannot grow without sunshine and rainfall. This Spring Equinox is our time to sow and grow.


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Luke Hickey




Oil on Gessoed Fabriano Paper


21cm x 29.6cm