Blackout - Nua Collective - Director Eamonn B Shanahan and Irish Ambassador for Estonia James Sherry in Vent Space Tallinn Estonia January 2024

Nua Collective were warmly welcomed by the people of Estonia this week for our opening of Blackout at our latest leg of our international tour in Vent Space, Tallinn. Launched by Irish Ambassador for Estonia Mr. James Sherry, we were delighted to see so many support our endeavour to promote professional artists and advocate the need to protect our environment and creating a visual dialogue about our energy crisis.

“…Ireland as a nation, our cultural expression has been the leading way in which our voice is heard around the world, whether that’s through visual art, such as Blackout, through our literature and film, dance and music as well.

It’s the reason why people around the world have some sense of what it means to be Irish and what Irish people communicate what values we hold, what issues we think are important. And to have an exhibition like Blackout focusing on such a critical issue such as climate change and our collective response to that is a fantastic way of helping to shape that conversation.

From Ireland and with the rest of the world, I know here in Estonia, just as much as in Ireland, across Europe and across a huge part of the world, there’s a question of how we all have a responsibility to try and respond properly to climate change, to try and manage situations so that we leave the world in a reasonable state for the next generation and the generations to come, that’s not a simple question, but it’s a conversation we need to keep having.

I’m very welcoming of the fact that Nua Collective are playing a real role in trying to continue that conversation here in Estonia. I’m really blessed to see so many people here. Friends of Ireland I know from our community, from our artistic friends here and others I have yet to make friends with.

It’s a real honour to be here and supremely well done on putting together this really wonderful exhibition, a representation of a global Irish voice on a really important issue.

Irish Ambassador for Estonia, James Sherry.

Blackout at Vent Space in Tallinn Estonia remains open until January 26th 2024. See our full schedule below.

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