The Embrace of Demeter and Persephone

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In my current body of work I am exploring concepts of the female gaze through depictions of Greek mythology and Greek Goddesses. The recurring upside down faces are a symbol of the times we live in.

In parallel to the theme of Equinox I was instantly inspired to create 2 paintings based on the stories of Persephone, Goddess of Vegetation and The Underworld and her mother Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, Sacred Law and the Harvest.

The second painting, “The Embrace of Demeter and Persephone” represents the moment they reunite. I wanted to express the joy and also the protective nature of a mother to her returning daughter encased in her wings. This reunion celebrates the beginning of Spring. The yellow of the sun, the blue sky and the green representing the return of the land becoming fruitful and fertile again.


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Jennifer Smith




Acrylic, Ink and Oil on Unframed Canvas


89cm x 57.5cm