Artivism - Nua Collective Podcast Series - Luke Hickey and Katrina Tracuma

Presented by Nua Collective Artistic Director Eamonn B. Shanahan, Nua Collective artists Katrīna Tračuma and Luke Hickey introduce us to Artivism with particular focus on Veganism, Animal Welfare and Political Art.

Katrina has kindly shared links and resources to further insight about this topic through the links below:
  • Christopher Sebastian – author, researcher, lecturer who uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes media theory, political science, and social psychology, to focus on how human relationships with other animals shape our attitudes about race, sexuality, and class.
  • From the small book series: Introducing: ETHICS a graphic guide by Dave Robinson & Chris Garratt 

  • Thanking the monkey: rethinking the way we treat animals by Karen Dawn

  • Being Ecological by Timothy Morton 
  • The Human Planet: How we created the Anthropocene by Simon L. Lewis and Mark A. Maslin
  • Rape of the Wild by Andrée Collard with Joyce Contrucci 
  • Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide for Getting out by Aph Ko 
  • The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young 
  • Art Of Compassion Project founded by Leigh Sanders encompassing 218 members at present, representing 32 countries, completed 23 exhibitions, 48 projects and raised 19,714 dollars for animal rights causes and sanctuaries, and in 2019 published the first book of vegan artworks! (statistics from the new media kit which is beautiful and features each member)
  • Young Friends of the Earth Ireland organisation –
  • Artists:
    • Dana Ellyn is a painter who incorporates political and animal cruelty themes in her work
    • Chantal Poulin Durocher makes large scale charcoal and pencil drawings, and paintings, invoking the scale of non human animal emotion;
    • Hartmut Kiewert illustrates human animal relationships through his paintings of cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens and other birds in urban settings, as utopian depictions free of human exploitations and placed in a different context
  • For 2021 Backwater Artists Group is going to hold a program of exhibitions and events under the umbrella title of THE HUMAN ANIMAL (based on BBC television series of the same title, from 1994 written and presented by Desmond Morris).Katrina’s first solo exhibition within this programme is titled BEASTS: 9 April – 7 May 2021. Opens 8 April 6pm.


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